Saturday, July 30, 2011

Last Full Day In Hawaii

Today was our last full day in hawaii and we spent it doing what I do best, relaxing and taking naps. We went to a kiddie beach in the morning and Reese loved "surfing" in the water. For lunch we did what all hawaiians do... had some shaved iced with frozen yogurt and condensed milk..mmm mmm good! Ryan and Brittany were so gracious to let me join them on their date night. The restaurant was awesome. People say its Kona's best kept secret so in honor of the locals I can't tell you where I ate. But trust me it was goooood!

I think its love... :)

Kaden surfing

First church in Hawaii
The best shaved ice ever
Farmers market where we bought a 10 dollar pineapple

We are taking a redeye home tomorrow night... so prayers would be grateful. Three little ones on a night flight could be potentially horrible! I'll be home for 48 hours and then I head to NYC!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Zodiac Sanden Style

Today the "big kids" went on a zodiac boat tour of Kona/Captain Cook's Cove. Our tour guides were awesome, there moto was, "what happens in Kona, stays in Kona". So they let us do a few things that were against the rules, which included cliff jumping and riding on the front of the boat (Drew and I were the only two brave enough to do both). Highlight of the trip was seeing whales and dolphins. We then headed to our friends house where we swam and ate yummy food once again. Have I mentioned that I love Hawaii!
Baha the captan just kept spraying Allison in the face
couples shot
Don't mind the very creepy look I am giving and the mullet that I'm rocking. Take in the sister bonding moment and the awesome blue water


Now I'm totally afraid of heights, but when is the next time I will be able to cliff jump in Hawaii..maybe never. It took a bit of coaching from the 50 people watching me, but I finally did it! Glad I did it, but I won't do it again.
Nothing like an afternoon of Segwaying to complete yet another perfect day

Here is the house that I would literally die for. is it not amazing?
We then ended the night around the camp fire eating s'mores

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Another Relaxing Day in Hawaii

Today was a mellow day. We sat on another gorgeous beach that had the most amazing sand ever. After the beach all the little kidos took naps and the "adults" laid by the pool. Best part of the day was looking later at my pictures and noticing a shark swimming next to Drew.
Now the reason why I post this picture is not so you all can see my hot bod, but because I want you to know that Anna is on this trip even thought there has been zero pictures of her on my blog.
Is this not the prettiest beach you have ever seen!
The water is sooooo blue
If you look closely theres a fin swimming next to my brother! Shark week has started a couple days early for the Sanden family!
Corey doing a back flip off the rocks. It didn't end so pretty
The boys teaching Kaden how to surf
Jumping off the rocks

Half of the group

A New Mom, A Professional Blogger, And A pregnant Lady

I'm sure you are all so sad that I did not really post last night but here it is. Drew, Allison, Heather, Joey, and I headed out for a drive around the island. Did you know that Hawaii has 11 out of the 13 climate zones? Well we hit all 11 in one day. Its something everyone should do once if they are on the island. First stop on the road trip was the most southern bar in the U.S.A because, well.. you just have too. We then went to a black sand beach and played in the waves. After that we headed all the way up to the volcano and walked in the lava tubes. We had lunch in Hilo and saw a waterfall, which was beautiful. After all that we drove back to Kona to have a relaxing dinner at our friends house.

A modeling pit stop was a must on our road trip

Volcano and Lava tubes

This is about the time that a tour guide yells, "look a wild pig!!" and yes it was directed at me...
Nothing says road trip like a stop at the mall to get a prego lady some cinnamon rolls


Dinner with old family friends is really the best